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Andrew P. Johnson, Esq., CFLS and Matthew W. Cord, Esq. at Andrew P. Johnson, APC are available to provide consulting services regarding Montana divorce and family law cases that may involve California issues. Montana attorneys are welcome to contact Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cord regarding cases involving California issues either in person or by telephone.

Business Ownership Division

Business ownership division in a divorce must be carefully managed, and unfortunately, there are many facets to these complex cases. When the future of a closely held family business is at stake in the outcome of a high net worth divorce, the input of an experienced attorney could be essential if you want to ensure your rights are being protected with licenses in California and Montana.

High Asset & Net Worth in CA & MT Jurisdiction

Attorney Andrew P. Johnson has an extensive accounting background and can provide you with realistic assessments of your objectives when significant assets are involved in a divorce and the facts and guidance you need that can lead to sound decisions. For instance, many clients are primarily concerned with keeping control of a business or professional practice. Andrew P. Johnson will clear up any confusion centered on the value of your business, and your contribution to its success.

Business ownership and the division of these types of assets are some of the most difficult issues in a divorce. When you own a company or have an interest in a business or professional practice, you need the experience of Andrew P. Johnson, APC.

Some clients may be in need of information regarding their spouse’s financial holdings and may suspect that a spouse has concealed assets. We will take the necessary action to determine the full nature and extent of assets and liabilities in your marital estate.

Choice of Law Provisions in a Pre-Marital or Divorce Agreement

We can help execute if the choice of law is in a California jurisdiction. Deciding which jurisdiction to file for a dissolution of marriage action can have a major impact on the rights and recovery in a divorce.

Child Custody

Andrew P. Johnson and Matthew Cord are experienced and effective counselors in resolving child custody visitation and parenting plan issues. Child custody focuses upon the rights of both parents to make important decisions regarding a child including religion, education, health care, and extra-curricular activities. The laws of the State of California presume that it is best for a child’s parents to make these decisions together. It is valuable to have the guidance and experience of a proven child custody and parenting plan attorney who can suggest many options to help you resolve areas of disagreement effectively and affordably.

Andrew P. Johnson, APC understands that it is almost always in the best interest of the children and their parents to work together to find the right solution for their unique circumstances. Every family has a different rhythm and pattern of activities to take into account. Balancing time with each parent while building a framework that can grow with the children is at the core of an effective parenting plan.


Quasi-Community Property: Property owned by a community that is located outside of California. We can help with this problem in a divorce.

Part-Time Residence: Often times, parties live in two places. If you spend summers in Montana, Winters in California, this can create unique jurisdictional issues and may promote a run to the courthouse. The difference in jurisdiction can have a major impact on the divorce.

Andrew P. Johnson, Esq., CFLS

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